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breakout spaces.

Office fun graphic in breakout area, featuring female on top of a mountain overlooking the view

Our fun wall graphics can brighten up a lunch or coffee breakout spaces in an office environment.

Life Fitness have a wall graphic and text statement in their breakout space to keep this area consistent with the rest of their head office. Fun wall graphics are a way to inject some colour and tie your brand in with the rest of your facility which will already be bright and beautiful (if we’ve had anything to do with it!) The bold colour and graphic reflecting ‘achievement’ really suits their ethos. It also makes their coffee break area much more inviting.

Walls don’t always require full cladding therefore, here, the cut to shape text makes a wall a feature of it’s own. We have a range of options to suit any wall space. The text stands off the wall slightly and complements the graphic.

More amazing graphics from this facility are featured here. We love working with Life Fitness and have various examples of our collaborative work.

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