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cool backdrops.

Wall graphic of standing girl next to a functional weight space in the gym Cool backdrops for gym kit at a FIBO event Huge wall graphic and cool backdrop of a climber Cool backdrop for a functional gym space featuring a girl on the beach stretching Full wall cladding of two trail runners

Whether it’s a full wall clad or cool backdrops you’re after, we create designs that fit.

Often, we design exhibition and event props which not only look great but provide you with a functional way of sharing information with your clients. There are lots of examples for Life Fitness sites we have created, including stands for their functional room at FIBO, Cologne. It shows the features and benefits of them as a supplier as well as looking fantastic. We often have the opportunity to show off our clients’ businesses at events, in and outside the UK. From a simple pop-up to a temporary wall vinyl – we have the right solution. This example shows the versatility of a full colour removable wall.

On the other hand, if you need permanent backdrops in your space we also have solutions for that too! It may be a gym space that needs a motivational graphic, or a selfie wall to encourage customers to post on social media. Some more examples can be found here.

Full Wall Cladding, Functional Gym Space