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corridor graphics.

Cut out wall graphics of various water sports, in a corridor at NWSC Main feature corridor graphics at NWSC Cut to shape round and rectangular water sport imagery Multiple corridor graphics between doorways Various cut shaped graphics in the corridors Quotes and imagery in cut shapes across the corridor Round cut shaped graphic of a kayak

The accommodation at the National Water Sports Centre at Nottingham needed a refresh. Working closely with Serco Leisure, Team Showoff created a flexible approach to the corridor graphics designs.

Using a combination of cut to shape printed foamex corridor graphics and high-tack vinyl lettering, we created a design approach that lent itself to the varying spaces between doorways inside the National Water Sports Centre accommodation block. To tell the story of progression from fun activities to elite sports, we select the images carefully. Unlike a full wall cladding option, cut to shape graphics allow us to be flexible in the placement.

Another example of enhancing corridor space is the project at Sir Thomas Wharton Academy.

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