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feature walls.

Feature wall graphic fitted around mirrors, featuring female lifting barbell Muhammad Ali quote and full colour printed graphic feature walls Full room view of Surrey Sports Park gym space with lots of full colour wall graphics features Full wall feature of rowers and motivational statement Long logo wall across the top of treadmill equipment Squat racks in front of the printed wall graphics in a functional gym

There is no project too big for us to handle.  For a space this huge, the Surrey Sports Park gym needs a lot of graphic, feature walls in order to create a memorable customer experience.

Using existing brand colours and an imaginative graphic style, we can create an exciting space for students, staff and external customers. On entrance, you face an incredible functional space with feature walls that depict various exercises. The bold, full wall cladding complements the Life Fitness gym equipment perfectly. The walls are adorned with plenty of inspirational imagery and we’ve even thrown in a famous quote or two in order to really motivate gym-goers.

The main focus of this project is to create somewhere enjoyable to work out in. Alongside the colourful walls, we make sure we work with you to get the best outcome for your clientele. Branded partitions and light boxes are an example of some of the custom products we design to complement spaces. More examples of these can be seen on our main website: showoffdesign.co.uk

Full Wall Cladding, Functional Gym Space