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full colour printed graphics.

Bright printed graphic with statement 'Fail to prepare, prepare to fail' and female lifting a barbell Colourful printed wall graphics in a school gym space (shows man swinging kettlebell) Educational printed graphic wall with skeletal and muscular systems Printed graphics above mirrors in a gym space

We offer expertly printed graphics, in a variety of colours, sizes and materials.

All of our installations feature full colour printed graphics; from noticeboards to full wall murals. This example from Abraham Guest Academy is a vibrant example of what we can achieve. There is a custom, educational wall feature enabling students to suggest skeletal and muscular system sections. It offers an interactive game and makes the most of the gym space.

We have also utilised the mirrors by integrating reflected statements. Installing specifically around these mirrored areas is part of our service. Another of our expert installations can be seen at The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club.

Education, Full Wall Cladding, Functional Gym Space, Recent