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We design experiential environments for Group Cycling Studios and Classes. Wall Graphics, floor graphics, lighting design and immersive elements creating the ultimate user experience.
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immersive cycling studios.

Close up of a cyclist wall graphic, showing a cycle studio stage and bikes Motivational statement on the wall of cycling studios, showing the bikes in the room 'The Will to Win' motivational wall graphic display in an immersive cycle studio Room view of an Adidas Cycling Studio at David Lloyd Exeter

An oldie but a goodie! Cycling studios need to motivate so this was the perfect opportunity to create a true, immersive space.

We love the Adidas Group Cycling space at David Lloyd Exeter: a fab project to be a part of. We cladded all walls in the space to bring an inspiring space to the members.

We’re talking 10 years ago now, but we still love to flaunt it, you really can’t beat it when your wall graphics are timeless and iconic. The perfect project.

Through collaborating with Adidas and their bold graphics, we were able to create a stunning cycle studio which encourages members to achieve their goals. Another incredible cycle studio project can be found at Warwickshire Golf & Country Club.

Cycling Studios
cycling, full cladding, wall graphics