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interactive display.

A retail store interactiv edisplay. Includes full color printed graphic of outdoor cyclists and a TV screen installed on top Fitness Superstore floor layout, showing full wall graphic with interactive tv display Close up of the interactive TV screen housed on a printed wall graphic Outdoor cyclists wall graphic with a TV screen

Make the most of your retail space by including an interactive display.

We offer a custom service, which means we are able to create the ideal solution for you. Fitness Superstore have a chain of stores we work on and each feature an interactive display wall. This encompasses a full colour, printed wall graphic which also houses a functional, touchscreen interface. This links to the store internet system in order for customers to browse equipment themselves, or when not in active use, it showcases a video of gym kit options and advertisements.

Having an interactive wall display opens up a huge range of possibilities when it comes to sales and customer service experience. Make it simple and effective for users to shop with you. Whether you need to advertise your website or need a functional sales tool, let us know. It could be a wide screen TV or an iPad housing unit. If you have a reception wall in need of some TLC, add a welcome graphic and a TV with a brand showreel for a great first impression.

Full Wall Cladding, Interactive Display, Retail Environment