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squash court conversion.

Escape Fitness wall graphic in a squash court conversion 'Motivation' wall graphic in a functional gym space Gym wall graphic in a squash court conversion Full room view of a squash court conversion - functional gym space with colourful wall graphics

It’s been going on for a while now, but we do it well. Particularly when we look at beautifying a squash court conversion.

We work with a selection of expert partners where we collaborate to provide a complete solution – from taking an unused squash court in to a whole new activity space.

By working closely with Escape Fitness, we were able to produce and install a hugely colourful and exciting functional gym. A combination of detailed measurements and durable materials lead to a perfect fit!

Talk to us about the possibilities.

See some of our vibrant designs for a corporate space here.


Functional Gym Space, Squash Court Conversion