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strategic design.

BH Live fitness graphic - strategic design on wall, wrapping around windows Dynamic studio wall graphic featuring group of people strecthing Cut rectangular wall graphic and smaller graphic of female figure. Strategic design for gym space. Cut rectangle graphic of female with barbell Cut to shape PT noticeboard - designed to complement the wall graphics

No obstacle or corner can catch us out.

Strategic design is our thing. No matter how difficult your wall space may be we have solutions to fit.

Our project at BH Live shows how we adapt our creations to suit the area, even if it means wrapping graphics around a window frame! There were lots of unused spaces in this gym, which we turned into colourful graphic features. Using the brand photography, we were able to showcase the fantastic BH Live Active brand in simple and effective design.

Another way we avoid obstacles is a seamless wall wrap, which we featured over at the Actif Wales project sites.

Functional Gym Space, Wrap Around Graphics
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