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studio walls.

Close up of a studio wall display of female with Reebok boxing gloves Huge full length wall graphic featuring TRX graphic Adjacent wall graphics of TRX and Reebok boxing

Embrace the group workout environment and make the most of your studio walls.

We’ve worked on a countless number of studio spaces and we’re here to tell you that it makes a huge difference to your workout. Your studio walls need an injection of colour, vibrancy and there are lots of ways we can make it happen. This example showcases specific branded equipment in an engaging graphic. By integrating the TRX and Reebok imagery, we can encompass the identity of the Brandshatch Place Hotel & Spa gym.

The use of mirrors in certain areas can enhance the graphic and we always ensure a clean, sleek finish. Whether you have one spare wall or four, we can make it stand out.

If you need something a more cycle specific then check out our spin studio graphics at The Warwickshire Golf & Country Club.

Studio Wall Graphics