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total experience.

'Beast Mode On' cut to shape wall graphic in a functional studio A cut to shape female physique with 3D lettering and inspirational text Close up of 3D lettering on a gym wall graphic A cut to shape male physique on a huge gym wall graphic, with 3D lettering and inspirational text 'Just Ride' cut to shape wall graphic in a spin studio or cycle studio space Female boxing image printed on full colour graphic, with 3D lit edge logo Studio wall total experience graphic, featuring female boxer and inspirational text Total experience inspirational text on a full colour printed wall graphic, with 3D lettering

We strive to create a unique, total experience for you and your customers. Through the use of full colour, printed wall graphics in a gym facility it’s easy to make it stand out.

Not only have we brightened up a huge gym space at iTrain but we had the opportunity to add huge wall graphics to their reception, cycle and functional spaces too. By creating a consistent brand across the site, it welcomes customers (new and old) with vibrant, fitness graphics whilst ensuring they are informative as well as inspiring. A total experience is not great equipment and friendly staff alone; it is enhancing these features with a beautiful space to work out in.

Our work with Active Tameside is extensive, take a look at our office wall graphics at their head office site.

Full Wall Cladding, Functional Gym Space, Studio Wall Graphics