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wall wrap graphics.

A huge wall wrap on an obscure shaped wall, featuring gym imagery Individual wall panel graphics in a gym space with a female runner Children's wall feature in an Actif Wales facility Wall wrap around door graphic with female lifting dumbbell

No job is too complicated – we install any wall wrap to shape.

Wall wrap graphics allow us to cover a huge surface area with amazing imagery. Seamless wallpaper and vinyl materials allow us to use every part of the wall, around columns, door frames – you name it. This project for Actif Wales features a full wall wrap feature, as well as panel graphics and full corridor wall cladding. All our designs work around your wall space. It means there won’t be any unforeseen join issues in the graphic because our measurements are spot on.

It is the ideal solution to cover unsightly wall surfaces and implement large scale imagery in your facility.

Our seamless wallpaper allows us to wrap walls like this with ease.

Full Wall Cladding, Wrap Around Graphics